Prenylated halcones and flavanones as inducers of quinine reductase in mouse Hepa 1c1c7 cells

The objective of this study was to determine if prenylchalcones (open C-ring flavonoids) and prenylflavanones from hops and beer are inducers of quinone reductase (QR) in the mouse hepatoma Hepa 1c1c7 cell line. All the prenylchalcones and prenylflavanones tested were found to induce QR but not CYP1A1 in this cell line. In contrast, the synthetic chalcone, chalconaringenin, and the flavanone, naringenin, with no prenyl or geranyl groups, were ineffective in inducing QR. The hop chalcones, xanthohumol and dehydrocycloxanthohumol hydrate, also induced QR in the Ah-receptor-defective mutant cell line, Hepa 1c1c7 bprc1. Thus, the prenylflavonoids represent a new class of monofunctional inducers of QR.

C.L. Miranda, G.L. Aponso, J.F. Stevens, M.L. Deinzer, D.R. Buhler

Source: Cancer Letters, 149 (2000), pp. 21–29

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