Pure Xanthohumol

in industrial quantities


Pure Xanthohumol

in industrial quantities

Xanto is the world’s only producer of the cleanest Xanthohumol on the market (over 99.8%). We deliver Xanthohumol in industrial quantities which means kilograms - not grams!
Xanthohumol is produced using a fully natural method by extraction of hop cones based on a unique patent registered in more than 40 countries around the world.

Xanto is a manufacturer of natural bioactive molecules which are used in the medical treatment of humans and animals. Our company is distinguished by its reliability, care for nature and sustainable growth. Besides the manufacturing of bioactive molecules, we also operate in the food, agriculture, beekeeping, forestry, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. We have collaborations with national as well as international research institutes and universities for a continuous improvement in our products and manufacturing methods for sustainable development.
Xanto produces very pure Xanthohumol (over 99.8% HPLC) from common hop (Humulus Lupulus L.) by using a unique and innovative natural extraction method. The advanced natural extraction process makes it possible to produce Xanthohumol at large scale for highly demanding industries such as pharmaceutical and food.
Our Xanthohumol is extracted from the special European ecological hops which are planted within the EU countries – Germany and Poland. The novel extraction method utilized at our production site helps us sourcing a high quality and superb concentration Xanthohumol at a market competitive price.


We are the first ones in the world to master all-natural production method of Xanthohumol – the most powerful and potent antioxidant yet discovered.

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Xanthohumol over 99%

The first step to building a new manufacturing plant!

On 21 July 2021, we received a decision from the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone acting on behalf of the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology, allowing us to acquire 10,000 square meters of land and build a production plant in the special economic zone. This is the first step in the process of building a modern manufacturing plant near Żarnowiec, by the Żarnowieckie Lake.

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Xanto sets highest standards for innovation, quality, customer support and co-operation with business partners. We have built a capital group having a strong and renowned international position. The company distinguishes itself by the supreme product quality, reliability, ecological balance, nature prevention and sustainable growth.


Our research focuses on improving and strengthening the behaviorism of humans and animals. We developed the products which help in the activation of an individual’s natural defense mechanisms. The end result is prevention from diseases and intoxications. We have collaborations with scientific institutes and universities.


Xanto places particular emphasis on the quality of its products. Production takes place in laboratory conditions with the highest technological standards. Our products are of the highest quality and cleanliness, which allows us to use our products for food and even medical purposes. We supply xanthohumol of higher quality and purity.